MAN FittoGo: Putting Fleet Management at the very heart of your new MAN truck…as standard!

2015 and things move on… gone are the days when telematics should be considered as an optional extra. With MAN FittoGo you now get a 5-star bundled offering - built-in as standard on every new truck throughout the MAN range and offers outstanding benefits.

  • Telematics hardware using Microlise technology, the UK’s leading supplier!
  • Full service care for the first life of the vehicle!

Not only that, MAN FittoGo also offers a comprehensive range of services that includes:

MAN Check:
A new state-of-the-art ‘vehicle health and diagnostics package’ that offers the operator:

In simple terms, MAN Check provides operators with an up to the minute report on the health and efficiency of your truck. If for any reason the truck should suffer a health problem the MAN Check system will provide an alert, so that if any emergency remedial action be required this can be booked into a workshop immediately.

What’s more, MAN Check is fully integrated with MAN’s e-workshop system, ensuring any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum - as all issues can be highlighted (prior to the workshop visit) to ensure the correct parts are readily available in order to save time.

MAN Check comes as standard for the first life of your new MAN truck.

In addition to MAN Check, with MAN FittoGo you also receive:

MAN Track:
Our new track & trace facility, offering the very latest Microlise mapping technology.

MAN Track is available as part of the MAN FittoGo package, on a try-before-you-buy basis for 6 months.

MAN EcoStyle:
MAN’s best-in-class driver and vehicle telematics reporting package helping operators’ to deliver the maximum efficiencies for your fleet.

MAN EcoStyle report are available, as part of the MAN FittoGo package, on a try-before-you-buy basis for 6 months.

For more information on MAN FittoGo, click on the link below or contact your local MAN Sales Representative.